PhD Supervision 

Assistant Professor 

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

IIT Dhanbad, Dhanbad  

PhD Thesis: Gold and Goldsmiths: A Sociological Study of the Informal Economy, Work and State Regulation in India. 

Thesis Awarded in May 2020

Assistant Professor 

School of Livelihoods and Development

TISS Hyderabad

PhD Thesis: “Religion, Civil Society and Democracy: The Jamaat-e-Islami and the Solidarity Youth Movement in Kerala”. 

Awarded in November 2015

Assistant Professor

Jhargram Raj College (Girls' Wing)

PhD Thesis: A Sociological Study of Adjudication at Dar-ul-Qaza: Personal Law, Personal Disputes and the Question of Legal Pluralism. Awarded in November 2019

Madhuparna Nayak

Madhuparna did her Master's degree in Sociology from Presidency University.  Her research focuses on the structure and functioning of family businesses and firms. My research interest lies in Economic Sociology and her thesis is titled "Gold trade, business succession and kindred ties - A Sociological study of the Subarnabaniks." Subarnabaniks are a business community operating in Bengal. They are traditionally associated with the gold trade and moneylending.

Ayushi Dube

Ayushi is working in the area of ‘Sociology of Law’. Dr Anuj Bhuwania (Jindal Global Law School) is her Co-Supervisor. Her research interests include law and society, sociology of inheritance, law and gender, law and religion, and policing.

K. C. Mujeebu Rahman

Mujeeb's project focuses on economy and religion, economic sociology of law, and entrepreneurial Islam. He is a former William J. Clinton Fellow. He completed his Master’s from the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, India. He earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce and Islamic theology from Jamia Madeenathunnoor, Calicut, Kerala.

Thesis Awarded in May 2024

Brishti Sen Banerjee

Brishti has completed her graduation in Sociology from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and masters from Presidency University, Kolkata. Her research interest area includes wealth accumulation, social institutions and family business.